Alexandra Jegerstedt (1986, Trondheim) works with materials and colors, emphasizing the abstract, intuitive, and process-based expression. The physical characteristics of materials such as paper, plaster, stone, steel, and pigments form the understanding and conceptual basis for her projects. In recent years, she has concurrently explored drawing, painting, and sculpture.
Iben Isabell Krogsgaard (1993, Arendal) delves into interpersonal relationships through storytelling in her artistic work. Her narratives often revolve around themes of loss, uneven power dynamics, and asymmetric relationships. She primarily works with digital jacquard weaving, drawing, and plastic sculpture.
Since 2018, they have collaborated as the artist duo Usikkerkunstjente. In their collaborative practice they investigate the narratives that characterise both the historical and the contemporary art scene in which material and technique often are associated with gender. Their working process is defined by an acute awareness of materials and their particular qualities. This pragmatic approach requires genuine creative receptiveness and they often have to make compromises when it comes to testing their individual ideas, in order to create a new, unique and unified expression.
They have both received grades from Trondheim Academy of Fine Arts (BFA) and The Art Academy - Department of Contemporary Art in Bergen (MFA). Previously solo exhibitions include The National Association of Painters, Norway (Landsforeningen Norske Malere/LNM), Trøndelag Center for Contemporary Art (TSSK), Telemark Art Center (TSK), Van Etten Gallery, and Kongsberg Kunstforening. They have also participated in group exhibitions at Kösk, Coast Contemporary and Høstutstillingen.