Iben Isabell Krogsgaard (NO)
Iben Isabell Krogsgaard (1993, Arendal) delves into interpersonal relationships through storytelling in her artistic work. Her narratives often revolve around themes of loss, uneven power dynamics, and asymmetric relationships. She primarily works with digital jacquard weaving, drawing, and plastic sculpture.
Since 2018, Alexandra Jegerstedt and Iben Isabell Krogsgaard have collaborated as the artist duo Usikkerkunstjente.
Thousand Island
Alexandra Jegerstedt (NO)
Iben Isabell Krogsgaard (NO)
Ingrid Torvund (NO)
Jonas Mailand (NO)
Overview image: Thousand Island
Overview image: Thousand Island
Overview image: Thousand Island
Artwork: Thousand Island
Alexandra JegerstedtIben Isabell KrogsgaardIngrid TorvundJonas Mailand
Thousand Island (2023)
Installation. Plastic, spruce wood, steal, digital jacquard weave, textile, paint, shell
3.7 × 8.8 × 9 m